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Pazcare and Employee-based insurance in India

India’s insurance penetration currently stands at a mere 4.2%. Learn how Pazcare is changing that with employee-focuced insurance....
Feb 23

PM Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission to provide support for 17,788 rural Health & Wellness Centres

Ayushman Bharat latest news...
Feb 01

African Swine Fever case found in Germany

Scientists found swine fever in a dead wild boar near the German-Polish border in the eastern state of Brandenburg, the German agricultural ministry said....
Sep 11

Four reasons exercise isn't enough to keep you fit

Though physical activity is key to maintaining strong muscles, it's important to note these contributing factors to maintaining muscle mass....
Sep 10

What Is The Ideal COVID-19 Response? These 3 Countries Got It Right

Research by Michael Barber, a former adviser to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Idris Jala, who did a similar job for Malaysia's Najib ...
Aug 07

Meet Prashant Shedge, Healthcare Business Leader, on lesson to Embrace Primary Healthcare

Jul 15

Australia suspends extradition deal

Under the security law, Hong Kong suspects can be sent for trial in Communist Party-controlled courts in mainland China...
Jul 09

New 5-year programme for health in Europe

The 70th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC70), the annual meeting of the governing bodies of the European Region...
Jul 08

WHO reinforces COVID-19 response efforts in Turkey

WHO has additionally helped the Ministry of Health to follow the spread of COVID-19 in Istanbul...
Jul 03

Gilead prices COVID-19 drug remdesivir At $2,340

Remdesivir is expected to be in high demand as one of the only treatments so far shown to alter the course of COVID-19....
Jun 30

UN marks 75th Anniversary with biodegradable art

The artist created the "World In Progress" fresco to remind present generations of their duty to the future and to nature....
Jun 27

Coronavirus job cuts amid COVID-19 in Europe

The EU’s jobless rate rose to 6.6% in April, from a 12-year low of 6.4% the previous month, according to Eurostat. ...
Jun 26

British council seeks 60 Million pounds amid COVID-19

British Council was founded in 1934 to promote British culture and fight the rise of fascism....
Jun 12

Private Planes to ferry COVID-19 tests from isolated colombia

Perez requested permission to detour to avoid storm clouds, guiding the disinfected aircraft to one of the Andean country's remotest towns....
Jun 09

Global economy to plunge into worst recession since World War II

The COVID-19 recession is the first since 1870 to be triggered solely by a pandemic, World Bank President David Malpass said....
Jun 09

Russia to start using first approved COVID-19 drug

With 4,14,878 cases, Russia has the third-highest number of infections in the world after Brazil and the United States...
Jun 01

Coronavirus overwhelms Mumbai

The public health-care system in Mumbai, the epicenter of India's worsening coronavirus outbreak, is overwhelmed as Covid-19 patients pour in ...
Jun 01

Coronavirus pandemic could cause $8.5 trillion loss globally

UN said the pandemic could usher in a loss of USD 8.5 trillion in global output - the sharpest contraction since the Great Depression of ...
May 29

South Africa Announces $26 Billion COVID-19 Relief Package

In a special address to the nation, South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa announced "a massive social and economic support package of 500 billion rand ($...
Apr 22

Coronavirus: World Economy Bound To Suffer "Severe Recession", Says IMF

Coronavirus: Addressing the Development Committee Meeting during the annual Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the IMF Managing Director ...
Apr 18

Coronavirus: World Economy Bound To Suffer "Severe Recession", Says IMF

Coronavirus: Addressing the Development Committee Meeting during the annual Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, the IMF Managing Director ...
Apr 18

"Crisis Like No Other": IMF Proposes USD 1 Trillion For COVID-19-Hit Nations

At least 102 of the International Monetary Fund's 189 member nations are seeking assistance from the organization to combat the coronavirus....
Apr 16

Germany ranked 'second safest country in the world' during coronavirus pandemic

Where are people best protected from Covid-19? According to a new ranking, Germany is currently the second safest country in the world to be ...
Apr 15

Trump Halts WHO Funding

The move follows weeks of Trump’s escalating attacks on the U.N. health organization as he has sought to deflect scrutiny of his own ...
Apr 15

In Australia Foreign Students With Over One Year Stay Eligible To Access Superannuation

The latest move comes a day after Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that overseas students were not eligible for any financial support as under their ...
Apr 07

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