What are Drool Rashes or Spitting Rashes?

If we talk about Drool Rashes or Spitting Rashes, then they happen in the area around the mouth of the child. If this problem persists for 2 weeks or more then you should contact the doctor.

 If the baby's mouth is not cleaned after continuously flowing saliva, then the baby gets rashes.

Use of baby wipes

You should use baby wipes to clean the baby's mouth. This is a very good option, especially for those times when you are traveling with a baby. You should use baby wipes to clean the baby's mouth, while when you are at home, you can clean the mouth with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. The risk of infection will be reduced.

Clean baby's mouth immediately after meals

If your baby is above 6 months, then you must have started giving him solid food, during this time the baby's saliva comes out of the mouth due to food, you have to clean the baby's mouth immediately after feeding, it surrounds the mouth. Rashes will not be a problem. Even if the baby is younger than 6 months, you should wipe the baby's mouth with a wet cloth after breastfeeding, use a clean cotton cloth to wipe the mouth.

Use a bib for baby

Some children have more saliva coming out of their mouth, due to which their clothes become dirty and the problem of rash due to saliva also occurs in other parts of the body. To overcome this problem you should use a bib. Using a bib reduces the risk of skin infections caused by liquid foods and you don't even have to change clothes frequently. But you also have to keep the bib clean, change it every time it gets dirty.

Avoid excess use of the pacifier

Due to the pacifier, saliva is repeatedly applied to the child's mouth and rashes occur. Do not allow the child to overuse the pacifier. When the baby cries a lot or can be given a pacifier to calm the baby at the time of sleep, you should also sterilize first, the pacifier should be clean daily. You should try to use a fresh and clean pacifier every time.

What to do if there is a rash around the mouth?

If the rash has occurred around the child's mouth despite trying these remedies, then, first of all, go to the doctor, he will tell you the right medicine or cream, you have to avoid adopting home remedies on the child's skin because the child's skin is soft with In order not to spread the infection on the child's skin, keep cleaning the child's face with a wet cloth from time to time.

If the problem of rash around the baby's mouth persists for more than 2 weeks, then you should contact the doctor immediately. 

(Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.)

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