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Global Coronavirus deaths cross 1 Million mark

Sep 28

Masks in public restrooms?

Charles Gerba, a professor of virology at the University of Arizona, captured the image to demonstrate the spread of particles after a flush....
Aug 19

Urinals can have COVID-19 traces

Charles Gerba, a professor of virology at the University of Arizona, demonstrate the spread of particles after a flush after he captured an image post ...
Aug 19

Team Of Elite Contact Tracers Shows World How To Beat COVID-19

An old-school, shoe-leather investigation showed the virus had jumped from a night-club visitor, to a student, to a taxi driver and then ...
Jul 27

Millions Face New Virus Curbs

Countries around the world re-imposed lockdowns and curbs to contain new outbreaks, as global cases surged past 13.2 million with more than 576,...
Jul 15

When robots step in to work amid COVID

The stuff of the bot world - early factory-line automation up to today's artificial intelligence - has been a growing fact of life for decades...
Jul 09

A temple offers pandemic-hit Vietnamese workers

Luong, a 22-year old Vietnamese worker, had just been fired from her job at a hotel in a hot springs town north of Tokyo....
Jul 07

Food poisoning hits some 3,500 in Japan schools

Saitama prefecture said on Thursday that 3,453 people in 15 elementary and middle schools in Yashio, a city of 92,000 just north of ...
Jul 03

Japan city launches pedestrian smartphone ban

Visitors arriving at the railway station in Yamato City were greeted with banners announcing the new prohibition...
Jul 02

Japanese startup makes internet connected

We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus ...
Jun 27

Robot built in Japan for elders used for COVID-19

The latest feature of the remote-controlled robot is a hand attachment that uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses on door handles...
Jun 10

Coronavirus "May Never Go Away," Warns WHO

As some countries around the world begin gradually easing lockdown restrictions imposed in a bid to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading, the WHO said ...
May 14

Japan Will Extend Coronavirus Emergency To May 31

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared an initial month-long state of emergency for Tokyo and six other regions on April 7, later expanding it to ...
May 04

Toyota Group Engaged in Full Production of Medical Face Shields

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) and Toyota Group companies are engaged in full-scale production of medical face shields in Japan, with Toyota largely expanding its ...
Apr 28

Tokyo launches coronavirus drive-through tests as crisis deepens

The city Yokosuka, south of the capital, is starting walk-through testing on Friday...
Apr 24

Japan Cancels Tulip Festival amid COVID , Cuts 100,000 Flowers

Officials in the city of Sakura, 50 km east of Tokyo, mowed the tulip beds at "Sakura Furusato Hiroba" and cancelled an annual tulip festival ...
Apr 22

Japan Hospitals Find Substitute For Sanitisers Amid COVID-19

Apr 15

Voyaging Fans Fear Being Victims Of Greed After Olympic Postponement

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) last month made the decision to delay the Games because of the disease which has now claimed over 100,000 ...
Apr 11

Japan Prepares For State Of Emergency To Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was expected to meet late Monday with a panel of experts advising the government on the global pandemic, with widespread reports ...
Apr 07

Canada has asked Tokyo to delay Olympic games

The IOC has gone under extensive pressure to push back the games from donning alliances and competitors stressed over the wellbeing dangers as the COVID-...
Mar 23

Yokogawa Releases SU10 Single Cellome Unit for Use in Biological Research

For the creation of a smart cell industry ...
Mar 19

Japanese PM Abe insists Tokyo 2020 Olympics to go ahead as planned

Japan has had more than 1,400 cases of coronavirus, with 28 reported deaths, but has avoided the spikes seen in other countries....
Mar 16

19 Archers from India misses First stage of World Archery Worldcup in Guatemala

The world body said, "opportunities to reschedule or replace the event later in the year are being investigated"....
Mar 13

DIP Will Start Offering Relief Compensation If Employees Are Unable to Work Due to a Coronavirus infection

DIP will compensate employees against Covid19 infection...
Mar 11

Coronavirus Update: New Zealand reports the first case, Tokyo Disneyland shuts down

From meat exports to tourism, the outbreak of coronavirus in China - New Zealand's largest trading partner - has already had a big influence on the ...
Feb 28

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