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Leucine Rich Bio makes an impact on microbiome essentials for gut health

Debojyoti Dhar and Kumar Sankaran give importance to gut health. With their innovation, they have come up with Leucine Rich Bio Microbiome which is important ...
Apr 06

A report states half of the vaccines are booked by rich nations

Oxfam, a non-governmental organisation, analysed deals struck by pharmaceuticals and vaccine producers for the five leading vaccine candidates ...
Sep 17

African Swine Fever case found in Germany

Scientists found swine fever in a dead wild boar near the German-Polish border in the eastern state of Brandenburg, the German agricultural ministry said....
Sep 11

More European Nations Tighten Virus Curbs As Global COVID-19 Deaths Top 7 Lakh

The pandemic has killed at least 708,236 people worldwide with US recording the most deaths with over 158,000, followed by Brazil with nearly ...
Aug 07

How long should COVID cases isolate? 10 days, Not 14

Those who test positive for the coronavirus but who do not have symptoms have counted down the minutes until they could be free to venture ...
Jul 22

Air France To cut 7,580 jobs by 2022 amid COVID-19 crisis

The carrier wants to get rid of 6,560 positions of the 41,000 at Air France, and 1,020 positions of the 2,420 ...
Jul 04

Ukraine president's wife tests positive for coronavirus

Jun 13

Germany to lift travel warning for Europe

Germany reported just 342 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday -- down from more than 6,000 a day at the height of new infections ...
Jun 04

Italy reopens to tourists from Europe

Europe is recovering from lesser cases each day. Lockdowns are getting lifted across the continent and things are trying to get normal....
Jun 03

People living on higher altitudes less vulnerable to COVID-19

Researchers are still looking for more evidence to establish the high-altitude populations' response to the coronavirus...
Jun 02

Greece to open airports for tourists from June

Visitors would be allowed to fly into Greece from 16 EU countries,the tourism ministry said in a statement....
May 30

US COVID-19 death count crosses 1,00,000-Mark

Nearly 1.7 million infections have been tallied nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. ...
May 28

WHO creates foundation to boost funds for COVID-19

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said this month that the WHO's annual budget of around $2.3 billion was "very, very small" for a global agency...
May 28

Roche is the founding partner of BaseLaunch phase II

During 2018 and 2019, BaseLaunch supported nine early therapeutic ventures and raised more than USD 100 million ...
May 23

SARS antibodies can block COVID-19 : Researchers

The researchers experimented with 25 different types of antibodies - which target specific protein spikes on viruses - to check if they could prevent COVID-19...
May 19

COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Gave "Enough Time" To World

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the WHO, which is seeking to lead the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, had used the days before declaring ...
May 02

Coronavirus and smoking: What does the WHO Say?

The recent research is done on nicotine helping Covid patients have made the World Health Organization indicate its understanding....
Apr 29

Coronavirus and smoking: What does the WHO Say?

The recent research is done on nicotine helping Covid patients have made the World Health Organization indicate its understanding....
Apr 29

"Pandemic "Far From Over", Worried About Children, Says WHO Chief

The UN agency is concerned about rising numbers of cases and deaths in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and some Asian countries, even as the ...
Apr 28

Coronavirus Lockdowns Begin To Ease, Cases Top 3 Million

With some of Europe's worst-hit nations reporting drops in daily death counts, governments are exploring how to relax confinement orders exacting their own ...
Apr 28

World Immunization Week: WHO highlights other diseases as coronavirus vaccine trials begin

When the world is focusing to on the COVID vaccine the other major diseases also need focus as World Health Organization mentions it in its ...
Apr 25

Malaria Deaths Could Double During Coronavirus Pandemic, Warns WHO

Apr 24

Europe Coronavirus Death Count Reaches 1 Lakh: Report

With a total 100,501 deaths out of 1,136,672 infections, Europe is the hardest-hit continent by the COVID-19 pandemic....
Apr 20

"Confirmed Deaths More Than Treating Patients": Italy Doctors' Ordeal

Accounting for half of the more than 22,000 people who have died from the coronavirus in Italy, Bergamo's home region of Lombardy on ...
Apr 18

"All Countries Will Face This": WHO After China Revises COVID-19 Deaths

Wuhan, the COVID-19 epicenter, admitted missteps in tallying its death toll, abruptly raising the city's count by 50 percent -- following growing world doubts ...
Apr 18

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