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Global Coronavirus deaths cross 1 Million mark

Sep 28

Russian cosmonauts not ready to try COVID vaccine

The cosmonaut's comments came after Putin touted Russia's coronavirus vaccine developed in record time and named "Sputnik V" after the Soviet-era satellite ...
Sep 25

Russia approved 1st COVID-19 drug for sale

Coronavir's approval as a prescription drug follows the green light for another Russian COVID-19 drug, Avifavir, in May...
Sep 19

Russia starts giving new virus vaccine to volunteers in Moscow

Russia announced last month that its vaccine, named "Sputnik V" after the Soviet-era satellite that was the first launched into space in 1957, had ...
Sep 10

First batch of Russia's COVID vaccine Sputnik V released into public

The Russian health ministry registered the first vaccine against COVID-19, named Sputnik V, on August 11....
Sep 08

Russian COVID-19 vaccine produces antibodies

The report said the data showed that the vaccine was "safe, well tolerated, and does not cause serious adverse events in healthy adult volunteers"...
Sep 05

Doubts over top COVID-19 vaccines

The vaccines are based on a common cold virus that many people have been exposed to, potentially limiting their effectiveness...
Aug 31

China began use of COVID-19 vaccine a month ago, bypassing clinical trials

Beijing health officials said Saturday they began dosing some medical workers and state-owned enterprise employees with an experimental covid-19 vaccine ...
Aug 26

Russia Starts Production Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia has said the vaccine will be rolled out by the end of this month...
Aug 17

Russia calls international concern over vaccine 'groundless'

Russia has dismissed mounting international concern over the safety of its locally developed Covid-19 vaccine as "absolutely groundless"....
Aug 13

WHO Says Discussing New COVID-19 Vaccine With Russia

President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia had become the first country in the world to grant regulatory approval to a COVID-19 vaccine....
Aug 11

Russia Says 20 Countries Have Pre-Ordered A Billion Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia Coronavirus Vaccine: Kirill Dmitriyev said Phase 3 trials would start on Wednesday and industrial production was expected from September....
Aug 11

Russia Aims To Produce "Millions" Of Vaccine Doses By 2021

The head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which finances the trials, said he expects official registration of the vaccine to be complete "within ten ...
Aug 04

Russian Elite given experimental COVID-19 Vaccine since April

Top executives at companies including aluminum giant United Co. Rusal, as well as billionaire tycoons and government officials...
Jul 21

Russian envoy denies Moscow helped hackers target virus vaccine

Andrei Kelin said the allegations Thursday by Britain, the United States and Canada that a hacking group called APT29 was behind the online attacks...
Jul 20

Russia Military Says Virus Vaccine Is Tested And Safe

The ministry said 18 people had participated in the research and were discharged without "serious adverse events, health complaints, complications or side effects...
Jul 15

Russian University claims successful trials of 1st COVID-19 vaccine

The Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University began clinical trials of the vaccine produced by Russia's Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology....
Jul 13

Russia's Coronavirus cases near 675,000

Russia has confirmed 674,515 cases, the third largest total in the world, although the daily infection rate has been falling over the last month...
Jul 06

145 indians flown back from Russia : Vande Bharat Mission

2,50,087 Indian nationals stranded abroad have been repatriated since the beginning of Vande Bharat Mission last month....
Jun 22

Disinfection tunnel set up to protect Vladimir Putin from coronavirus

The special tunnel, manufactured by a Russian company based in the town of Penza, has been installed at his official Novo-Ogaryovo residence ...
Jun 17

New York reopens as WHO says virus "Worsening" Worldwide

New Yorkers were allowed to return to work as retailers began offering limited in-store, with construction and manufacturing also permitted to resume operations....
Jun 09

Russia to start using first approved COVID-19 drug

With 4,14,878 cases, Russia has the third-highest number of infections in the world after Brazil and the United States...
Jun 01

US COVID-19 death count crosses 1,00,000-Mark

Nearly 1.7 million infections have been tallied nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. ...
May 28

Russia has "Passed" COVID-19 peak : Putin

The postponement of the Victory Day parade was huge blow to President Vladimir, who wanted to gather world leaders to celebrate 75 years since the ...
May 27

Russian President Vladimir Putin's Spokesman Is COVID Postive

Dmitry Peskov told a news agency that he was last in direct contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin "over a month ago."...
May 13

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