‘Our Planet, Our Health’ - World Health Day 2022

Learn the simplest way you can take care of your health and your planet's health this World Health Day.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the conversation about our health and our planet’s health has gained considerable momentum and speed. Seeing the importance of having this conversation, the WHO has organised the theme of this year’s World Health Day to be ‘Our Planet, Our Health.’

Since 1950, the world is celebrating the World Health Day to mark the foundation of the World Health Organisation (WHO). This day highlights the importance of living a healthy life, a lifestyle that will not only add health to us but also to our planet. Currently, the biggest challenge the world is facing is Climate Change. 

Climate crisis translates to a health crisis. 

The WHO already estimates that between 2030 to 2050, there would be 250,000 deaths due to climate change. Air pollution, for instance, is a silent yet deadly killer that claims the lives of 1% of the world population. Of the 30 most air-polluted cities in the world, 22 belong in India. The air pollution problem in India is severe as more than 90% of Indians live in areas where the air quality is below the standards set by the WHO.

Best Way Forward - 

The best way to mend personal and planetary health is by eating well. Celebrity dietician and nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar insists that we switch the foreign brought Avacado to locally available chikoo. This will help us not only reduce the carbon footprint of our food but also help support the local farmers. 

Journalist and food author Michael Pollan in his book Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual has recommended a simple yet effective rule. That is ‘Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.’ By ‘Eat food’ he means food as eaten by our grandparents. ‘Not too much’ means that we shouldn’t fill our stomachs to the brim. And lastly, by ‘Mostly plants’, he means to fill your diet with plant-based food items. 

By fulfilling these conditions, we will make not only our health finer but also help the planet stay healthy. Such tips are easy to implement and would not drain money from your pocket and would not put you on a very restrictive diet. Pledge to implement these rules today itself!

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