Mindful Meditation for Kids

The sooner we inculcate this healthy habit in them, the sooner they develop mental and emotional resilience. In this way, it prepares him as a better person since childhood. So, let us tell you some mindful meditations for kids.

Mental illnesses are increasing in children these days. Apart from this, due to poor lifestyle from the beginning, hormonal imbalance and peer pressure also keep children disturbed from their minds. In such a situation, mindful meditation is very important not only for elders but also for children. But teaching mindful meditation to children becomes a bit difficult and parents will have to put in some effort to teach mindful meditation. 

In fact, when we teach mindfulness to children, we give them the mental strength to build confidence, deal with stress, and handle themselves through uncomfortable or challenging moments. 

Mindful Meditation for Kids

Pronouncing Oo

The pronunciation of Om is complete yoga in itself. This not only calms the mind but gradually increases your concentration. Also, in a few days, you can see the change in the children. So, for all these benefits, you should teach your children to pronounce Om. For this-

Ask them to sit in a yoga posture for a while every morning. Try to do it facing the rising sun. Then get them to pronounce oh. Meditate with a slow voice and move to a louder voice.

In this way, it will bring a positive vibration in them and will keep both bodies and mind calm.

Mindful Breathing

By calming the mind and breathing, both the body and the mind begin to calm down. Actually, this is an easy breathing exercise for children, by which both body and mind start to concentrate. This helps to stop the fast-moving thoughts and disturbed mind. This condition is quite visible in children, especially in children above 12 years. In such a situation, tell the children how to do it. As if-

Choose one time in the morning or evening and sit down with both legs bent. Now take a long breath and close your eyes. Hold your breath for a while and pay special attention to it. Now try to calm the mind again and then come back. This will calm the mind. Mindful Walking

If your child has a lot of hormonal imbalance, then teach them to do mindful walking. For this, tell them how this is a fun task, by doing which they can be faster in studies too. So tell them how to do it. As if-

First of all, ask the children to choose between morning or evening. Then walk quietly in the fresh air for 10 minutes in a green place such as a park or on the roof of the house. During this, do not see or talk to anyone. Just take a walk enjoying the things around you.

(Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.)

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