Suffering from insomnia? Try this headband therapy.

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Those suffering from insomnia can now find remedy in this innovation by a French company.

French company Urgo, claims to have found the solution for those suffering from chronic insomnia, a disease that badly affects life and lifestyle of the patient.

Called Urgonight, it is a combination of an app and Electroencephalogram (EEG) headband that helps people increase the brainwaves that induce and impact sleep. The efficacy of Urgonight has been clinically proven to help people fall asleep 40% faster than usual.

Worn and to be used during the day, the adjustable headband uses EEG sensors to measure brainwave activity. The system is designed to be used 20 minutes a day, and three times a week. The insomnia patient needs to place the headband over his / her head and connect it to iOS and android app. Within the app the users can see their brainwaves in real-time before they start the dedicated 20-minute brain training exercise.

The sleep training programmes consist of playful exercises, ranging from growing leaves on trees, herding jellyfish and drawing relaxing patterns. The users start feeling the results after 10-15 sessions and sustainable results after 40 sessions.

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