Scientists manipulate brain cells using smartphone

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It will help speedy diagnosis of brain diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression etc.

A team of scientists in Korea and USA have invented a device that can control neural impulses using tiny brain implant controlled by smartphone. The device, using Lego-like replaceable drug cartridges and powerful Bluetooth low energy, targets specific neurons of interest using drug and light for prolonged periods.

Controlled with a simple user interface on a smartphone, neuroscientists can easily trigger any specific combination or precise sequencing of light and drug deliveries in any implanted target animal without the need to be physically inside the laboratory.

The technology overshadows conventional methods used by neuroscientists, which usually involves rigid metal tubes and optical fibres to deliver drugs and light. Apart from limiting the subject’s movement due to the physical connection with the bulky equipment, the rigid structure causes lesion in soft brain tissues over time, rendering them not suitable for long term implants.

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