A wearable camera that boosts hearing

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A blessing for the hearing impaired, the device isolates the voice of the speaker from the cacophony.

An Israeli company, Orcam has unveiled a wearable camera, The Hear, which boosts hearing in hearing impaired. While most other hearing aids amplify the sound but are horrible in disassociating the voice of the speaker from that of other surrounding sounds, The Hear, uses artificial intelligence to identify the person who is speaking. It then employs lip-reading teach to isolate the sound of their voice to make it easier for those with hearing difficulties to understand them.

The device which comprises of a camera and mics, has to be worn around the neck. It relies on the wearer’s body gestures to identify the person they want to listen to, and accordingly isolates their voice from the distracting background audio. Orcam says the device will solve the normal cocktail party problem of muddled voice that occur with traditional hearing aids.

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