A smart contact lens that helps visually impaired find their vision

▴ smart contact lens
Using invisible computing, the smart contact lens delivers an augmented reality display in a user’s field of vision.

Known as Mojo Vision, the contact lens comes with a display with information and notifications, and allows the user to interact by focussing on certain points. It is said to be a boon for the visually impaired suffering from muscular degeneration or retinitis, as Mojo Vision uses enhanced image overlays that augment the sight.

US food and Drug Administration has given its approval for clinical testing. By wearing the lenses, the user is able to see a virtual teleprompter, navigation instructions or other interactions that appear floating in the field of vision by projecting a micro-LED display to the retina. The user could click by concentrating on an icon , for example music player, and turn off by looking away.

Mojo, the company which has designed the contact lens, has executives Google, Apple, Silicon Valley firms with opticians and ophthalmologists also working on the project.

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