Kerala based healthcare startup, Inforich Technology Solutions focuses on Artificial Intelligence aided EMR Integration platform

Nishant Nambiar, Co-founder, and CEO of Inforich Technology Solution talked about their smart innovative solutions, focused on an AI-aided EMR integration platform with specialty-based customization for different hospitals and clinics.

Nishant Nambiar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 2 decades of experience in the field of marketing is not only in India but in the USA and Europe. His expertise lies in Business Development, Sales, and key account management in Healthcare. He is an avid techno-commercial person who can find innovative technology solutions for clients’ problems irrespective of their geography. He was the Finalists in the Singularity India challenge NASA 2018.

Inforich Technology Solutions

Nishant says, “Inforich Technology Solutions was started way back in April 2012. We have completed 10 years of our inceptions. The whole idea was to overcome the healthcare challenges of that time, some of which still exist. We don’t have medical records in one place. This was the problem statement that we identified as a patient, bystander, doctor, hospital. So, we thought of building something in the healthcare IT platform that would provide customized solutions for different hospitals and clinics.”

Healthcare challenges 

Nishant expresses, “As per me, there are only four challenges – 

1. Customized solutions to meet the workflow requirement of any client or customer.

2. Scalability factor of any solution

3. Interoperability – Integrating with other solutions available in the market

4. To get an end-user simple solution.

These are the key USPs that we have strengthened ourselves and built our solutions for the healthcare platform. 

India is getting ready for the digital revolution in the healthcare space. And because of COVID, this digitization will be much faster. It is a great opportunity for healthcare players to collaborate, co-exist in this huge mission.”


Nishant stresses, “The major USP of the product is getting a customized solution to the needs. Government needs are different from those of hospitals or clinics. Their requirements differ. We have worked with the Qatar Government on some major projects. We have been working on medical bots with IBM. Wherein we can put the patient’s parameters and get an evidence-based outcome from it and show them to doctors. We always try to build simple solutions for end-users.”


Nishant emphasizes, “I do not bet on angel investors for funding. I would like to build my company from the customer's perspective, the customer-funded business model. We are more bootstrapped at the moment. We have not raised any big round of funding because that is not required from my perspective. I am building client credentials.”

Global presence

Nishant states, “Currently, we earn from Saudi Arabia. We have worked with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. We are building a Primary Health Centre solution model which will be as per their local quality accreditations like in India we have NABH, JCI’s. We are building solutions that are very much customized to meet their workflow and requirements. The system is also multilingual. It will be very useful in India also as several languages are spoken here too. This way the end-user can use the application more effectively. We are expanding in Jordan also. In India also, we have partnered with a few big names for creating solutions.” 

Empowering its people is the most important thing for any country to adopt the technology. The Middle East spends a lot of money on outsourcing technology from the US, Europe, or India. We work with sales partners who are already in the same space and they know their customers, culture very well. We rely on their expertise and do partnerships with them. The advantage of this is that we don't have to rediscover the needs, patient (customers) requirements. So, we create many entrepreneurs in different countries. We are open to partners with entrepreneurs across the globe. This also creates employment in the region and together we can solve the global issue of health informatics.” 

The future goal for 2022

Nishant mentions, “We want to serve the National Health Mission of India. We want to be a part of their program. We want to see how we can help them with our capabilities in terms of integration, customization, scalability of solutions, and optimization on standards. India is going to be the biggest health informatics consumer.” 

Valuable advice for the budding entrepreneur

Nishant advises, "My mantra is very simple, get obsessed with the customer. Don’t create solutions in laboratories or offices, get engaged with your customer. Understand their pain point and give them the required solution. That’s all.” 

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Nishant Nambiar, Co-founder, and CEO of Inforich Technology Solutions
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