Keep small children away from these 5 things in the house which can harm your toddlers

To give a safe environment to the child at home, you should take special care of these things so that they do not cause any harm. Let us discuss some such things found in the house and the harm caused by them.

If you have small children in your house, then you need to be careful about many things. Sometimes your little carelessness or neglect can cause a huge loss to your child. Actually, at growing age, children try to take everything in their mouth. Children try to take things from their toys to the things of the house because children are more attracted to such things. Young children quickly get bored with their toys and need new things to play with and discover, so they often insist on playing with things they shouldn't. Many times parents also give such things to the child to fulfill the reason or stubbornness but it can harm them. 

Keep these things in the house away from the child

Pen and Marker

Sometimes we leave pens and markers in the house here and there. These are some of those household things that should not be used as toys for children. Although they are non-toxic, there is a risk of injury to the child, the child can injure himself with the nib of the pen or if the ink from the pen enters the child's mouth, it can harm the child. Try to always keep things like pens and markers away from the child or try to keep them up.


The sound of thumping of keys attracts the child and he tries to play with them. Kids can use the keys most easily as a toy so always keep them on top or in the right place of the keys. Actually, the keys are made of brass, which contains a small amount of lead. Small children can swallow such things, which can be harmful to their health. Apart from this, the child's mouth can get hurt while sucking the keys. While playing, the child can throw it somewhere, after which it becomes difficult for you to find it.

Cell Phone

Nowadays even small children are very excited about cell phones and seeing the phone in someone's hand, try to pick it up or play with it. Wherever the cell phone is kept and when it comes in contact with hands, there is a possibility of germs growing in it. Many times children take the cell phone in their mouth, which can cause damage. Apart from this, if you give the phone to them while eating or crying because of the stubbornness of the child, then it can make their eyes weak. Try talking to them while feeding or crying, or try to play on your own.

TV Remote

Children are very excited to see the colorful buttons of the TV remote. He tries to hold the remote in his hands and you also do not see any harm in giving the remote in the hand of the child but let us tell you that children try to take everything in their mouth first and the remote in hand They also chew it constantly when they arrive. There is a danger of putting the battery in the mouth or swallowing its small buttons. Small bits of plastic that break off due to remote chewing can be equally dangerous for the baby and can put the child at risk of choking.


In our house, we keep medicines for every small and big disease or problem so that they can be useful on time, but if you do not store them properly, then it can be harmful to your child. In fact, children can also take medicines in their mouth or their wrappers can injure the baby's mouth.

Many more such things can happen at your home, which can cause harm to young children. Try to create a safe environment for your child at home so that there is no danger of any kind.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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