Indian-Origin South African Musicians' "Concert From Home" Becomes A Hit

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The ''SA Musicians against COVID-19'' project helps artists to showcase their talent in Indian music and song, sometimes accompanied by dance as well

The activity by a gathering of Indian-cause South African artists exhibiting their ability internet during the across the nation coronavirus lockdown has become a worldwide hit.

The ''SA Musicians against COVID-19'' venture causes craftsmen to exhibit their ability in Indian music and tune, at times joined by move also.

The task was begun by Johannesburg occupants - Lexy Shunmoogam, Chitra Perumal, Kreasan Moodley, and Guru Pooven Pillay - as an approach to keep individuals engaged for a couple of hours at the end of the week during the lockdown by bringing all artists and performers together in a melodic spectacle using Facebook.

The activity has now become a universal hit. The gathering individuals said they currently have their hands full each day of the week with requests from craftsmen who need space on their Facebook page.

Pretty much every driving craftsman from South Africa who performs strict or social melodies, particularly in the Tamil people group, has just been highlighted, with the coordinators diverting down numerous solicitations from entertainers in India and different nations.

"Our point was to feature the ability that we have directly here at home, including giving a stage to youngsters who are learning the fine art with neighborhood instructors. We could scarcely predict how specialists who have never at any point performed together would be on a similar stage at some stage," Mr. Shunmoogam said.

"What began as a little and humble activity has now gotten a remarkable and practically unparalleled ''Concert from Home'' occasion, stirring a huge number of individuals over the world through music," he said.

A week ago the ''SA Musicians against COVID-19'' Facebook page included ministers from different sanctuaries the nation over-performing Kavady supplications.

"The interest for exhibitions of light music and spread adaptations of Indian film tunes has additionally been colossal, so we had a unique end of the week from May 15-17 where craftsmen will act in this class just," Mr. Shunmoogam said.

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