How to control cholesterol?

In heart failure, the pumping of the heart becomes weak. Apart from this, some diseases can cause this problem. Symptoms may include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the legs, etc.Let us learn about healthy heart and cholesterol issues.

How to control cholesterol?

  • Exercise daily, it can control cholesterol as well as keep other problems of the body away.
  • If you are a desk worker, take 1400 to 1500 calories, do not take more than this.
  • Stay away from things containing tobacco.
  • To reduce stress, do yoga, meditation for this.
  • Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol is a silent killer, whose symptoms are not visible. If the chances of getting this disease are high, do your regular checkup after 25 years.
  • What to do when heart pumping is near 25 to 30?
  • The heart pumping power of a normal person should be 50 to 65 percent of the heart. If a person's heart pumping is close to 25 to 30, then some part of the heart has been damaged. This condition requires immediate treatment. It could be a heart failure condition.

Difference between gas and heart pain

Doctors say that chest pain can be due to many reasons, including muscle strain, lung problems, gas, fracture problems, etc. If you walk If any kind of problem is felt by climbing stairs, walking and if this problem is cured by sitting, then these symptoms can be of heart related problems only. In this situation you need to contact the doctor immediately.

The doctor says that many of us have gas pain in the chest. But sometimes this condition can also be reversed. Yes, in some situations, heart problems can also cause abdominal pain. If you see any kind of pain, sweating while walking, then it may be heart disease, not gas.

How to Improve Heart Health

  • If you exercise to lose weight, then change the exercise pattern daily.
  • Walk at least 10000 steps a day.
  • Eat a healthy diet. 
  • Do not eat fried things.
  • Stay away from tobacco.
  • Keep stress level low. For this, do yoga, meditation daily.

To keep the heart healthy, follow the suggestions given by the doctor thoroughly. If you are seeing some symptoms in the body related to heart problems, then in this situation contact the doctor immediately. in order to avoid serious situations.

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