Emotional eating – 6 Ways to Prevent it

Emotional eating takes us to overeat or binge eating and then unknowingly we host several health problems. Learn some common ways to prevent emotional eating.

Food not just satisfies our hunger but is also a way to deal with emotions. Whenever we are under stress, we crave for food that we like the most (oily, deep-fried, sugary). Unknowingly we end up overeating. This temporarily satisfies our taste buds and releases the good hormone, dopamine in our body. We start feeling good but for a temporary time. And after some time when we are over that stress, we regret it ourselves like why I ate so much. But then we can’t help ourselves. Here are a few simple methods to take control of what you eat

Have small frequent meals – Don’t stay hungry for long, it will make you overeat next time you eat. Consume three proper meals and three snack meals in a day with portion control, this will help you in losing weight, in addition, will avoid binge eating. 

Plan your meals – Always plan your meal. Keep a note of what you have to eat tomorrow. Place it somewhere you can see it often. Try to stick to this. Initially, you will find it difficult to follow but sooner or later you will start following this.

Portion control – Eating should be only to satisfy hunger and to provide the body with nutritional content. Always follow portion control. Don’t always gorge on food items you love; fill your stomach 3/4th only.

Take time to eat – Chew your food properly, don’t just engulf it. Eat slowly and enjoy your food while you eat. Don’t watch TV or phone. Practice mindful eating, This will prevent binge eating or overeating. 

Discover healthy options – Swap unhealthy food with healthy eating options. Try cooking at home and avoid outside junk foods. Try to modify the recipe with healthy ingredients, oils. This way you will learn more about the nutritional value of food items.

Fight stress – We tend to eat a lot to deal with stress and anxiety. But unknowingly we host several health problems. So, relax, take a day off, go on a holiday. Pamper yourself or take the help of medical experts regarding counseling or therapy.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice.  Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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