Early screening and detection with Aarca Research to prevent lifestyle disorders

Gayathri Choda informs about the Aarca Research which helps in early screening for detection. The motto of Aarca Research is “Prevention is better than cure.” Aarca Research helps in the screening and prevention of diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension which are chronic diseases and can be prevented with lifestyle modifications

India wears the title of ‘Diabetes Capital’ in the world. A bulk of the diabetes patients in India, that is an estimated 50 million, suffer from type-2 diabetes. What is even worse is that type-2 diabetes is highly prevalent in the younger population. 20% of Indians above the age of 20 and 35-40% above the age of 60 suffer from this diabetes.

Gayathri Choda has done her MBA from Stuart School of Business USA and Engineering from JNTU. She has 5 patents under her belt. She has authored books titled Curious Digital Marketer 2.0 and Digital Marketing Pandect. Gayathri Choda is the founder & CEO of Aarca Research, a health-tech company providing non-invasive pre-diagnosis solutions for chronic diseases.

Prime Offerings of Aarca Research 

Gayatri Choda informs, “Aarca Research is a health tech research company where we are trying to develop non-invasive solutions in the early detection systems. Currently, our solution is IHA i.e Intelligent Health Assessment. We are developing an early detection for type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia screening. The younger population is getting this disease at an early stage so we want to help people detect this disease early on with screening and avoid it altogether. Type 2 disease is a long-term disease to manifest and if you detect it early, you can prevent it. This is how our solution works."

USP of Aarca Research 

Gayatri Choda states, “Diabetes has many complications if people take this disease for granted. Our solution works in two ways- 

  • For undiagnosed people - Who are at risk of developing this disease 
  • For diagnosed patients - to check for complications

Type 2 diabetes is starting condition and there are many associated co-morbidities like hypertension and other disorders. Once it becomes complicated brain stroke, heart stroke and kidney diseases crop up. While there are solutions in the healthcare industry to manage chronicity and complications, we are approaching the problem through early detection with precautions. Our motto is “Prevention is better than cure.” so that's where the solution fits in. We are also seeing people consider than above 40 or 35, you are more prone to this condition. We are seeing many people are at risk at the age of 25 itself. Early detection should start when you are healthy. Diabetes is a silent disease. We have non-invasive solutions and people should get encouraged by them with no fear of needles and infection. The report gets generated quickly and the solution is very quick. So, let's address it before it starts.”

Operations Patient’s Network for Aarca Research 

Gayatri Choda says, “We are currently operating in prediagnosis space right now. Our solution is available as a health check-up currently and we are with different companies providing this sort of solution. It is available as a wellness solution and healthcare package. We are operational in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Banglore. So, you can get screenings done at these three centers. In the next couple of months, we will be available in Delhi too. "

Screening for Diabetes 

Gayatri Choda informs,” People can drop a note for screening test on our website and we will get in touch with them. The reports are available quickly. Type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension have an impact on the arterial structure. We use our technology and measure the parameters of blood sugar, cholesterol, and pressure. We measure the impact of the parameter to identify the high-risk cases. We detect the cases and identify them accordingly to take measures to avoid the disease in the future. There is a clear possibility that there may be no symptoms and you may have high glucose itself. So, we are measuring this impact through the solution. We are building our partner networks where people are already there. ”

Accomplishments and Funds of Aarca Research

Gayatri Choda informs,” We are a three-year-old company with two rounds of funding and we are focussed on early detection and screening.”

Edited By: Dr. Rati Parwani

Contributed By: Gayatri Choda, Founder & CEO of Aarca Research

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