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Dr. Chirag Chhatwani informs that HIV infection can be managed with the timely and right treatment. He further explains that immunity is affected due to the HIV virus. He informs everyone to break the stigma about HIV and help to support HIV patients.

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Dr. Chirag Chhatwani is a specialist 1st specialist Infectious Diseases & HIV of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai, and in south Gujarat. His Special interest is Fungal infection Swine flu, pneumonia Tuberculosis HIV UTI Joint infection Vaccination All kinds of infection" He is a Member of the Indian Medical council, Association of Physicians of surat, BDGC. He has expertise in Fellowship in infectious diseases, 2017, P. D Hinduja hospital Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

Spread of HIV 

Dr. Chirag Chhatwani says, “There are many questions that arise in the minds of HIV infected patients. HIV can enter anytime in the body. How it enters is difficult to diagnose in HIV-infected patients. HIV is a virus that can spread through- 

Sexual anal intercourse  Female sex workers  Multiple partners Blood transfusion  Mother to newborn transmission 

HIV cannot spread through a mosquito bite or washing clothes together or using the same utensils.”

Stages of HIV

Dr. Chirag Chhatwani informs, “There are 3 stages of HIV- 

Acute HIV infection- Symptoms may begin in 1 or 2 weeks like -  Fever  Body pain Flu-like viral symptoms  Swelling of lymph nodes 

Chronic HIV stage- Longest stage for 10 - 20 years and may not show any symptoms. This stage lowers the immunity and may result in AIDS. 

AIDS stage - Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome is the last stage. This stage affects the CD4 count, which is a type of lymphocyte which helps in immune defense mechanisms. A CD4 count below 200 is considered as AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome that may cause 

Tb  Fungal infection  Bacterial infection  Viral infections Parasitic infections  Severe infection  Lower immunity  Weight loss Difficult to treat infections.”

HIV and bodily affections

Dr. Chirag Chhatwani says, “HIV is a form of a virus. HIV is not that dangerous and patients generally panic. HIV is an infection that you need to fight. There is a lot of stigma about the same. We should support HIV-infected patients to fight the virus. HIV virus affects the immune system which is body soldiers to fight infections. Elderly patients are more prone to infections because of lower immunity. HIV virus affects the immune system causing infections and critically affecting the patient. It lowers the CD4 counts.”

 Treatment for AIDS 

Dr. Chirag Chhatwani states, “You might have heard about a chronic disease like diabetes which is just manageable. There is no stigma for diabetes. HIV becomes a part of the body and stays in the body. HIV remains in control with medicines and helps in suppressing the infection with regular treatment. There are many patients living normal lives with timely and regular therapy. The side effects of the medicines are very few. Do not stop the treatment abruptly. Be regular with the medicines.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)

Contributed by Dr. Chirag Chhatwani, Infectious Diseases & HIV Specialist of Hinduja Hospital.
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