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UK warns of possible second lockdown as coronavirus cases increase

Britain has been the worst-hit country in Europe by the pandemic, with the government registering nearly 42,000 deaths from COVID-19...
Sep 19

Saudi Health Ministry warns against video claiming COVID-19 cure

The new cases in Saudi Arabia put the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 326,930...
Sep 17

WHO warns Europe for the new spikes in cases

Israel is among the countries battling a new spike, announcing a three-week lockdown from Friday when people will not be allowed more than 500 ...
Sep 15

US warns Mylan over quality issues

The Food and Drug Administration recommended Mylan Chief Executive Officer Heather Bresch hire a consultant to help the generic drugmaker improve its manufacturing practices...
Sep 03

WHO warns countries with early opening without control on COVID-19

WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recognised that many people are getting tired of restrictions and want to return to normality...
Sep 01

WHO chief warns against COVID-19 vaccine nationalism

The WHO chief stressed that only when those highest-risk people from the virus everywhere...
Aug 21

Top health expert warns, as US reopens amid COVID

As restrictions on economic activity are lifted, the United States was bound to see increased infections, Anthony Fauci told CNN....
Jun 13

Red Cross Warns of a ‘Staggering’ Drop in Blood Supplies

Hospitals have resumed elective surgeries and many Americans are venturing out of their homes again, but the rate of donations has yet to bounce back....
Jun 12

"It's Not Over": warns WHO as cases rise

The epicenter of the pandemic is currently in countries of Central, South, and North America, particularly the United States...
Jun 06

China's "Bat Woman" Warns about viruses in future

Shi Zhengli, the deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology said research into viruses needs scientists and governments to be transparent and cooperative....
May 26

WHO warns of "Second Peak" of virus infections

WHO emergencies head Dr. Mike Ryan said, noting that while cases are declining in many countries they are still increasing in America, Asia, and Africa....
May 26

Doctors Without Borders warns of impending pandemic catastrophe in Aden

Aden death toll due to the pandemic is rising everyday due to inadequate medical facilities ...
May 23

Coronavirus "May Never Go Away," Warns WHO

As some countries around the world begin gradually easing lockdown restrictions imposed in a bid to stop the novel coronavirus from spreading, the WHO said ...
May 14

South Korea Warns Second COVID-19 Wave As Cases Rebound

South Korea's daily tally of new coronavirus infections had hovered around 10 or less in recent weeks, with no or very few domestic cases ...
May 11

Top Chinese Health Official Warns Of Coronavirus Rebound

As of Sunday, the overall confirmed cases in the Chinese mainland reached 82,880 with 481 still undergoing treatment...
May 04

Kawasaki disease: 'Coronavirus-related illness' affecting children emerging in the UK, NHS warns

As per NHS information, just 1,523 of the in excess of 99,000 affirmed instances of COVID-19 recorded in the UK between January ...
Apr 28

Malaria Deaths Could Double During Coronavirus Pandemic, Warns WHO

Apr 24

Covid-19: French PM warns of no immediate return to normality

France’s Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Sunday said that although the country looks to be on track to lift its near two-month coronavirus ...
Apr 20

Drinking Bleach To Cure Virus: Facebook To Warn Users Who Liked False Posts

The pandemic has killed more than 136,000 people globally and infected more than 2 million, while many countries are enforcing strict lockdowns to prevent ...
Apr 17

German zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others

The Neumünster, as with many other zoos in Germany, is not covered by the country's emergency fund for small business as it belongs ...
Apr 15

German zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others

The Neumünster, as with many other zoos in Germany, is not covered by the country's emergency fund for small business as it belongs ...
Apr 15

During COVID-19 pandemic, ‘fake news’ is putting lives at risk: UNESCO

Different motives require different responses, but we should not lose sight of the fact that, irrespective of intention, the effect of sharing falsehoods is to ...
Apr 14

UN chief warns COVID-19 threatens global peace and security

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening international peace and security...
Apr 10

Urgent Statement by the Civil 20 to the G20 Virtual Summit on COVID-19 : New Realities Require New Priorities

Civil Society 20 (C20) is one of the eight official Engagement Groups of the G20. It provides a platform of Civil Society Organizations around the ...
Mar 23

Who concerned over Ncov infection range, warns countries and urges to be prepared

The death toll in China from the novel coronavirus epidemic soared to 908 and reports of confirmed cases have numbered over 40,000, Chinese health ...
Feb 10

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